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Installing a French drain is an important part of most homes. Several rules must be followed for a correct and successful installation. It is important to take good care of your drain because letting things hang out is not without consequences. This leads to the decay of concrete as well as maintaining a hotbed of humidity in the basement that could put the health of your family at risk and corrupt the property there. This will result, moreover, in a loss of the market value of the house. Under these conditions, a homeowner who wants to sell his house will have complications. The buyer will want to extract a compensatory amount from him unless he attacks him after the purchase for a hidden defect. So it is better to deal with this immediately.


Role of the French drain

The French drain is affected by several factors, such as the type of drain: sandstone, concrete, agricultural drain, or PVC drain. It is also affected by the type of soil: silty, sandy, or clayey. The role of the French drain is to capture groundwater before it exceeds the basement slab and direct it to the municipal pipe. To check the condition of the drain, excavation must be carried out. The next step is to install the chimneys which will allow you to inspect them for cleaning. If the drain is too old, this step may not always be possible.

What makes us doubt the proper functioning of a drain?

  • The existence of rots on the structural timber in contact with the concrete slab
  • Moisture or darkness at the bottom of the walls due to mold
  • Water rings on the slab or floor
  • Downward efflorescence of foundation walls


When one or more of these factors are visible,

    it is necessary to replace it.

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